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We are Rio de Samba

Vocal and Percussion/ Danielle DeBellis

Saxophone and Percussion/ Mark Nahnsen

Guitar and Vocal/ Rob Kaplan

Bass/ Tom Richardson


Rio Live!

by Rio de Samba

A few selected cuts from various venues. Enjoy!




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Danielle DeBellis handles both lead vocals and supporting percussion for the group.  Hailing from the iconic melting pot known as Queens, Ms. DeBellis was raised in a musical family and exposed to numerous musical genres at an early age.  In addition to Rio de Samba, Danielle fronts eclectic Hudson Valley ensembles and is owner/operator of Radiant Sun Massage radiantsunmassage@yahoo.com









Rob Kaplan plays guitar and arranges music for Rio de Samba. His formative years were spent playing the drum kit, learning progressive rock rhythm & blues, funk and jazz. After playing jazz standards for twenty years on piano he currently dedicates his musical studies to mastering guitar. A multi-instrumentalist, Rob teaches for a living and finds communing with his fellow musicians to be an extremely rewarding form of artistic expression.



















 Mark Nahnsen considers himself to be an on-going student of both saxophone and percussion. Mark’s formal music training was obtained attending California State University at Hayward, as well as completing a B.S. in Music Therapy from SUNY New Paltz.  In addition to Rio de Samba, Mr. Nahnsen also performs with local favorites such as the B-Boys, Big Blue Big Band and Hemingway’s Cat.













Tom Richardson holds down the role of bassist for Rio de Samba.  He received his formal bass training in Harlem at City College studying with Ron Carter.  Tom is a professional music educator in Orange County and regularly counts his blessings being able to pursue his passion and call it work.